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We believe preventative maintenance ie. roof cleaning is the most effective way of saving you money. It ensures that small problems don't become large and costly headaches, that are unwelcomed and not budgeted for. Simple, regular checks and maintenance & service provide the best way to protect the character and value of any building, whether old or new. Damp problems and decay can often be prevented by curing minor defects at an early stage.

Valleys, Flat Roofs, Chimneys and Junctions

Holes, splits and other defects in valleys or flat roofs may not be obvious but often produce signs of dampness on internal walls, ceilings and in attics. Similar problems can result from failed flashings or mortar flaunchings, particularly to chimneys. Tired old felt roofing not maintained will also add to any future problems.


Loose or missing slates and tiles may mean that water is getting onto roof timbers. Repairing or replacing roof timbers is much more expensive than fixing a loose tile. Moss on roofs can retain harmful dampness and may need to be cleared.


Check mortar joints and render for decay, though don't over react if erosion is limited. It's important that any repairs are carried out in materials compatible with the building. In older structures, mortars and renders are likely to be based on lime, not cement.

Gutters and Rain Water Pipes

Check gutters and rain water pipes for blockages and leaks. This may be simplest done in the rain, but stains on walls and plant growth in gutters provide clues.

Gutter Lining Gutter lining roofers in Liverpool

These images show how clean these gutters are after their transformation using a Liquid EPDM,great gutter lining system. Roof repairs Preston.


Liquid EPDM Liquid EPDM Roofers in Southport

Here there is a spray application that we use to resolve a metal roof by encapsulating.

Systems Ideal for these sernarios are: Liquid EPDM, Triflex, 3m Desmopol

Roof Craft flat roofers in liverpool also offer a roofing consultancy service where we will conduct a full survey, compile a detailed report and make recommendations based on your needs. Ask for further details and let Roof Craft save you money!

We also provide service maintenance packages at reasonable rates, We guarantee to turn up when we say we will, we guarantee to leave the site clean & tidy and discounted rates for larger roofs. Being the best Flat Roofers Liverpool with the best possible service is our job.