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Acrylic Roof Compound -  Is a high performance acrylic
based roof coating containing fibres.  It is a one coat
waterproofing system designed for the repair and
refurbishment of failed industrial and domestic roofs. 
It’s instantly waterproof and can be applied to most types
of roof surfaces to include galvanised steel, iron zinc,
asbestos, cement, roofing felt, asphalt, bituminous roof
coatings, even in damp conditions. 
Instant roof repair compound, ideal for emergency repairs &
maintenance of most roof types. 
Provides exceptional weather resistance.
Instant protection, and will not wash off while curing.
Reinforced membrane, will bridge small gaps & cracks.
Product remains fully flexible allowing effective waterproofing
on uneven surfaces.
Ideal for areas subject to ponding.
Only a single coat is required for a quick & easy application by brush.
Long Lasting, can last up to 10 Years
Single pack product, no mixing required.
Can be applied in damp conditions.
A labour and time saving product. 
Clean all moss, lichen and debris from the roof to give a clean
 dust free surface.  Eagle Acrylic Roof Compound can be
applied to damp surfaces, ensure excess water has been
brushed away and all surface contaminants have been removed.  Eagle Acrylic Compound requires no primer, however on highly porous or friable surfaces a heavy coat of Eagle Bitumen Primer may be necessary.
It is therefore good practice to carry out adhesion tests prior to application of the coating.   Stir the container well before use. 
Apply by brush or roller straight from the container in a single uniform application at the rate of 1-2kg per m2 depending on application & surface.  Ensure gaps or cracks are completely covered, as Eagle Acrylic Compound contains fibres that will
bridge and seal them permanently.
Coverage                          1-2kg per m2 on average
Flash Point                        40°C Min
Drying Time                       2/3 days dependent on ambient temperature,
 thickness.  However coating is resistant from water 
immediately after application. 
Colour                                Grey
Service Temperature Range   -10°C to +85°C (depending on ambient conditions) 
Application Temperature          +5 C TO 35 C
Fire Resistance                           Wet: Flammable                              
Packaging                                   5kg and 20kg Containers
Shelf Life  12 Months, Stored under cover & between 5 C- 20 C
 Bitumen Trowel Mastic is a heavily bodied bituminous
mastic that is used for filling joints, cracks and splits in
roofing and  building materials including roofing felt, asphalt, concrete,  asbestos cement and metallic guttering and drainpipes. It is  resistant to water penetration immediately
after application  and is ideally suited for maintenance and remedial and emergency repair work.

Ensure that the surface is clean, dry and free from oil, grease dirt and organic growth. Organic growth such as moss and
lichen can be removed using Fungicidal Wash. Bolt heads on roof sheets should be wire brushed to remove rust before
being sealed with Bitumen Trowel Mastic. Porous surfaces
should be primed with Bitumen Primer in order to seal the
surface and allowed to dry thoroughly.
In order to assist application, tools can be lubricated with white
spirit or paraffin. Apply Bitumen Trowel Mastic by trowel or putty knife, forcing material into cracks and joints and smoothing out on either side. Cracks or joints of more than 3mm should be reinforced with glass fibre scrim and covered with a second application of mastic.
A typical coverage rate for a 2mm thickness of material is 2m²/litre.
Drying time depends on weather conditions and film thickness. Heavy applications will result in extended drying times.
All tools should be cleaned immediately after use with white
spirit. Hardened material can be removed by soaking in white spirit.
Shelf Life and Storage 
After use replace the lid to ensure an airtight seal. Shelf life is indefinite if container is kept sealed and is stored in a dry area
at temperatures between 8°C and 25°C.

COVERAGE: 1ltr/1.5m2  @2mm thick
AVAILABLE IN: 5ltr, 25ltr

ALL WEATHER ROOFING COMPOUND is a heavy duty, solvent based bituminous roof coating, compounded with fillers and fibres. It is of a brushable consistency
ALL WEATHER ROOFING COMPOUND is an effective, general purpose roof coating. It is resistant to wash off by rain almost immediately after application and is therefore particularly suited to winter use.
ALL WEATHER ROOFING COMPOUND may be applied by brush or spray to waterproof and reseal many different types of roof covering, including:
• Asphalt roofs                • Built-up felt roofs  
• Concrete roof decks   • Asbestos cement sheeting       
• Slates & tiles                • Metal sheeting, including iron, steel, zinc & lead
ALL WEATHER ROOFING COMPOUND may be used in conjunction with a rot-proof hessian reinforcement scrim or glass fibre scrim.
ALL WEATHER ROOFING COMPOUND may also be used as a Vapour Barrier.
The product is not suitable for use in silage pits.
* EASY TO APPLY   Brushable consistency or with spray equipment.
* EFFECTIVE           Good waterproofing properties
* DURABILITY        Tough, fibre reinforced for strength
 Appearance: Black
Specific Gravity 0.97
Solids Content 55%
Flash Point 40ºC
Application Thickness: 200 – 400 microns
(2/3 coats)
Service Temperature:  -10 to +75°C
Fire Rating BS476 Part 3 External AA

Emergency Roof Repair
Roof Repair